From Monday to Friday, our highly qualified, experienced and motivating surf instructor will take you to the surf spots, in the best conditions and with top of the range equipment. Each surf session is taught in a fun, no pressure manner and is adapted to the personal needs of each and every guest. The surf session also goes hand in hand with daily theory lessons that cover wave anatomy, beach safety (currents and rips), reading the waves, forecasting and board design. At SaltyWay we believe“knowledge gives you security and security allows you to have fun!”

An excelent week full of experiences!

This is going to be more than just a week of top roping, this is a comprehensive yet exhilarating 5-day adult (20-50 years) course. Our goal is that you become a self-sufficient climber. Each day, our highly qualified, experienced and contagiously enthusiastic guide will provide you with top of the range equipment and take you to the best climbing spots in the area, in the mountains or by the sea. Depending on the weather and local temperatures we will always try to climb at the most suitable times and places.