Climbing and Bouldering course in Portugal

At a climbing course in Portugal you have everything: sea and mountains. The climbing courses at SaltyWay are more than just a one-week Toprope climbing. Here you climb in Portugal’s beautiful nature, at beautiful climbing spots by the sea or in the mountains. You can have a good time with us as a beginner or experienced climber. You will learn new climbing techniques and get tips on how to improve your climbing. Our goal is to get you so far on your climbing holiday, that you can go more independent climbing and bouldering. In your climbing course in Portugal you will have five days of climbing courses. The climbing courses are aimed at adults between the ages of 20 and 50, but kids are also more then welcome.

climbing portugal

Climbing course in Portugal with professionally trained guides

In our climbing course in Portugal, our top qualified, experienced and highly motivated guide will take you to the best climbing and bouldering spots in the area – in the mountains or by the sea. Our Climbing guides have a university degree in sport science. We provide you with high quality equipment during the course. Depending on the weather and temperature, we always go to the best times and places for climbing. Our guide knows the area like the back of his hand and knows exactly where to have the most fun. Your climbing instructor knows literally every rock, every problem and every crevice in Sintra, Cascais and surroundings.

Your climbing holiday in detail

Your climbing holiday should be fun, therefore we teach without pressure to perform. We try to explain as much as possible, that completes your climbing knowledge. Because we at SaltyWay are convinced that knowledge also gives you security and that fun is guaranteed by security. The climbing theory covers the following topics:

  • Safety when climbing
  • Spotting bouldering
  • Communication & Secure
  • Climbing & rope technique
  • Climbing vocabulary
  • Equipment design
  • Lead climbing
  • Accident insurance
Climbing course in the mountains of Portugal

Whatever your current climbing level, we’ll help you take it to the next level. Your climbing course in Portugal will take place in small groups of maximum six people. This way the climbing course can be individually designed, the atmosphere is personal and the climbing spots are not too crowded. We normally go sports climbing but we also go bouldering, crack climbing and maybe do a multi pitch. We love to teach you how to lead climb, if you feel ready to learn it. We have different stone in the Lisbon area but normally we climb on granite or limestone.

If you feel like more and would like to climb in your free time, we will drive you with the group to a nearby bouldering spot. We have two boulder mat (crash pad) free for you to use. For safety reasons we do not rent ropes or other climbing equipment.

Our five-day climbing and bouldering course includes

  • 5 days climbing course
  • First class climbing equipment and climbing shoes
  • Climbing and bouldering
  • Magnesium
  • Photos and video analysis
  • Transport from and to the best climbing spots
  • Lessons by experienced trainers including expert tips and advice
  • Further development from toprope to lead climbing

Learn to climb – climbing holiday for beginners

If you are a beginner and want to learn climbing, that is no problem. SaltyWay is all about the fun of climbing! We will be responsive to everyone and will only select climbing spots that match your climbing level. We support you individually, we promise.

You can take your first steps in climbing or bouldering witch us. You will be secure from the top and can slowly make your way up the rock. Our Guides tech you security and climbing technics. Our Climb course is also perfect for climber who want to climb the first time outside.

Climbing course in Portugal with SaltyWay
Climbing course in Portugal

Your climbing holiday packets at SaltyWay

You can book your climbing weeks with us. Our lodge has 6er dorms, 2er dorms or  privat double rooms for you to choice from. If you like to stay in a chalet near by please ask us. Every climb packet has 2 yoga sessions included. You can also mix climbing with surfing in your time with us.

Climbing holiday for every level

The climbing camp is intended for all climbers – from beginners to advanced climbers. Sport climbing, multipitch and bouldering, everything is possible. Your climbing guide will teach you the basics in your 5 day climbing course in Portugal or pick you up at your level and show you new routes and techniques. In Serra Sintra and its surroundings there are many different ways to have fun climbing and challenge yourself.

Climbing and surfing in Portugal

Climbing or surfing… How about both? If you can’t decide between surfing and climbing, you can do both. SaltyWay offers the perfect surf-climbing package for everyone who wants both: Three half days surfing and two half days climbing. So you get the best of both worlds: The sea and the mountains. This package offers you a complete immersion in nature and sport.

Surf and Climbing course in Portugal

Bouldering – Surfing – Climbing in Portugal

You want it all? We have the perfect week for you with bouldering, surfing and sports climbing. You go two times to the forest to boulder, two times to the ocean to surfe and get one session sports climbing on the ocean cliffs. In the SaltyWay House you can enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and meet like-minded people. We are looking forward to having a barbecue together in the garden, a glass of wine in the sunset or a yoga lesson together with you.

Kids Climbing

Climbing with children is no problem. We know that active parents sometimes need a few extra hands to enjoy their climbing holiday. This is exactly what we offer here at SaltyWay: children from the age of six can either participate in climbing courses themselves or be supervised by a SaltyWay instructor during climbing courses in the wall.

Climbing course for Kids

Your climbing holiday could look like this

A climbing holiday at SaltyWay means one week of climbing and fun from Monday to Friday. Each course day is divided into half a day of climbing and theory and half a day of free time. There is also a yoga lesson two days a week.

Our goal is to always bring you to the climbing spot where the best conditions prevail for you. Therefore we deliberately make the daily routine a bit flexible and adapt it accordingly. So the half day consisting of practice and theory can take place in the morning or in the afternoon.

We could now list a long list of fun and fascinating things to do in the area. But experience shows that every group is different. Therefore we leave the choice to you directly on site. We are happy to give you tips on sightseeing and activities in Portugal.

These activities have been the most popular:

  • Sightseeing in Sintra, Lisbon and Cascais
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Wine tasting
  • Beer and barbecue in the sunset
  • Restaurant visit with fado music
  • Massage
  • Half a day surfing

Of course you can also just lounge around and read a book. No matter what you choose, there is no pressure to get involved.

Yoga Carolina Masha

Yoga on your climbing holiday

In addition to the climbing course, we offer you two 90-minute yoga sessions per week. Yoga offers you a welcome relief from the aching muscles of climbing and the opportunity to concentrate and find your way back after an adrenaline-filled day. The yoga is special designed for climbers and surfers and has the goal to regenerate and mobilise. Carolina, your yoga teacher at SaltyWay is an experienced teacher. She is educated in the performance art and loves to share here knowledge and passion for the Yoga lifestyle.

Climbing spots around Sintra

The area around Sintra is a very special and unique place to climb. You will find climbing spots for a variety of climbing disciplines (sport climbing, trad, bouldering, & crack climbing), varying degrees of difficulty and rock types (granite, limestone and basalt). And all this in the middle of the beautifully wooded mountains or directly on the turquoise blue sea of Portugal. No matter which level you are currently climbing or how much experience you already have – there is something for everyone here. We have a good climbing Guide book for you in the camp.

Climbing course in the mountains of Portugal
Climbing course in the mountains in Portugal

Castelo-dos-Mouros, Sintra

Dramatically situated below the walls of this ancient mountain top castle, Castelo dos Mouros offers incredible views of the Sintra hills and the surrounding palaces. It is a granite slab climbing spot with more than 50 routes ranging from grades 4a (easy) to 8b (difficult). The approach to the crag is a short 10-minute walk through the mystical woods of Sintra.

Pedra Amarela, Sintra

This small semi-secret sector is hidden deep within the Sintra forest, and the adventurous walk through the trees is well worth the effort. Its isolation means it’s often empty so you can maximise your time on the rock while enjoying the tranquillity of the forest. Due to its short routes and low grades, it’s the perfect location for learning to lead your own routes. There are no more than 10 routes ranging from 4a (easy) to 5b (intermediate).

Climbing course in Portugal for beginners and advanced climbers
Climbing course and bouldering in Portugal

Bouldering-Peninha, Sintra

The enchanting Peninha forest and its majestic moss covered granite boulders look like something out of The Lord of the Rings, and like the movie, they have a truly magical feel about them. With so many boulders and grades ranging from 4a (easy) to 8a (difficult), there is something for everyone. It is not only a joy to climb but also a great spot to do some slack lining and relax with a picnic. A top tip if you are there around sundown, head to the nearby Peninha convent to take in a mind blowing panoramic sunset. Here you find more informations: Boulder Guide for Sintra

Magoito, Sintra

For our more experienced clients or eager novices keen to push their limits, we are lucky enough to have a unique basalt crack climbing spot just 20 minutes from the house. The location is truly awe-inspiring with a prehistoric feeling about the place; you can imagine dinosaurs roaming here millions of years ago. There are around 30 trad climbing routes ranging from grades 5b (intermediate) to 7b (difficult). It’s a great place to experiment with or improve your crack climbing. What’s more, the crag looks out over the Atlantic Ocean and setting sun if you are there until sun down.

Climbing course in Magoito in Portugal
Climbing course with ocean view

Guia, Sintra

About a 20 minute drive from the house is Guia the birthplace of sports climbing in Portugal. Guia is 150 metres of vertical / overhanging limestone cliffs offering 50 or more routes ranging from grades 3c (easy) to 7c (difficult). You climb just metres from the glistening blue sea of Cascais bay. It’s almost impossible to resist a dip in the sea at the end of the day. Not far from the sector is the seaside town of Cascais that offers great restaurants, bars, shopping, artisan street markets and cultural exhibitions.

Climate and Weather Portugal

The weather is perfect in spring, summer and still awesome in autumn and winter. From March to November you can expect reliably dry, sunny weather with temperatures around 20 – 25°C, rising to 25-35°C during the summer months. Even in winter, it rarely drops below 15°C. If on the other hand it gets too hot in the summer, we can always find a shady spot for climbing and a cool splash in the ocean after the session.

Preparation for your climbing holiday in Portugal

You want to prepare for your climbing course in Portugal? Good idea! In our experience, participants who are physically and mentally prepared make faster progress. We don’t mean here that you have to prepare for the Ironman. But make sure you have a realistic training plan that you enjoy and that you build strength and flexibility with. For example, a combination of the following sports is suitable:

  • Getting down your local climbing gym / bouldering hall
  • Gym work
  • Swimming
  • Cycling
  • Yoga or Pilates
  • Skaten, Snowboarden, Wind- oder Kitesurfen

If you are not as physically fit as you’d like, please don’t worry. You will still have a great week and learn a lot.

Packlist Climbing

We will take care of all the climbing equipment, but recommend you also bring along the following items:

  • Hiking shoes for the approach to the climbing spot
  • Cap or sun hat
  • Suncream and Sun bloc
  • Comfortable trousers to climb in
  • A small day-pack for water, lunch, camera etc.
  • USB stick (for photos & video)
  • Beanie & warm jumper
  • Beachtowel
  • Your own equipment if you have it
  • Yoga clothes