Climbing and surfing in Portugal with our team

Our team is looking forward to meeting you. Here at SaltyWay in Portugal near Lisbon, we are passionate surfers and climbers. We want to share our knowledge, enthusiasm, and passion for surfing and climbing with you. Climbing, bouldering, surfing, and yoga at our camp should be fun, and at the same time, you should, of course, learn something. Our camp is ideal for beginners and advanced participants because our team is well-trained for different levels. It is important for us to address your skills and needs. We accompany beginners in their first steps, and with advanced participants, we work on improving techniques.

Meet Our Team



Julika’s innate love for the sea, nature, and sports inspired her to found SaltyWay in 2015. Born and raised in Kiel, Germany, she has had a deep connection to the sea since childhood. As a young adult, Kiel was her base for extensive travels to Australia, Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia, Morocco, and within Europe until 2008. Learning from her own mistakes, the good advice of experienced athletes, studying sports science in Kiel, working as a sports teacher in Gran Canaria, and her commitment as a surf instructor throughout Europe for many years make Julika the excellent instructor she is today. Since 2021, she holds the Level 2 surf instructor certificate and is now more focused on advanced surf training at SaltyWay.

Foto Surfteacher Sergio Alves


Sergio was born in Portugal and grew up as a true “local” on Carcavelos Beach. Since childhood, he has been an enthusiastic skateboarder and started surfing at the age of 12. Before joining SaltyWay, he worked for many years in various agencies as an artistic project manager. His love for beach life and waves eventually led him to SaltyWay. As our “man for everything” related to surfing, Sergio has been showing our guests how to ride waves and move safely in the ocean since 2018.



Pierre, born and raised in Lisbon, is a passionate athlete. He realized early on that he would turn his hobby into a profession and completed his bachelor’s degree in sports science. Pierre is our experienced climbing guide at SaltyWay. You’ll usually find him searching for new projects in the Sintra forest or on the cliffs of the Atlantic Ocean. If he’s not there, he’s probably somewhere in the waves! As a dedicated surfer with more than 20 years of surfing experience, he is also a certified surf instructor by the Portuguese Surf Federation and ISA.



Carolina, your yoga instructor at the SaltyWay surf and climbing camp, was born in Lisbon and has lived in London and Norway. Numerous further training courses took her to Bali, Sri Lanka, and Mexico. After many stays abroad and adventures, Carolina returned to Portugal, drawn by nature and communal life in Praia das Maçãs.



Isa, born and raised in Bavaria, always had a passion for mountain and outdoor sports. In her youth, she was very successful in swimming and judo. Isa completed her bachelor’s in sports science in Austria and her master’s in sport management in Lisbon. During her sports studies, she took various climbing courses and specialized in outdoor sports. In 2012, Isa moved to Portugal, and since then, surfing has also become one of her hobbies. Since 2014, Isa has been working as a climbing guide, showing climbing enthusiasts from around the world the unique climbing and bouldering spots in Portugal. When she’s not hanging on the rocks, you’ll find her as an enthusiastic yoga teacher on the mat.


David (Bouldering Guide)

David, our experienced bouldering guide, is an expert when it comes to the boulder rocks of the Serra de Sintra. With his love for climbing and bouldering, he takes you to the best rocks and shows you boulders of various difficulty levels. In his company, a half-day on the rocks is not only fun but also provides an authentic insight into the fascinating world of bouldering in this unique region.

David (Surf Teacher)

When our surf teacher David smiles, the sun rises. Although still very young, the surf enthusiast Portuguese has been with SaltyWay as a surf instructor for a few years. He is studying sports science in Lisbon and completed his surf instructor training in 2023. With dedication, he shares with our guests his long-standing fascination with the waves and the deep love for the water that he has cherished since childhood.


Our surf instructor Gui always spreads good vibes on the beach. He is still a student and successfully completed his surf instructor training with the Portuguese Surf Federation in 2023. With a smile on his face, he inspires our surf students daily for the Portuguese waves. As a local, he knows the beaches of Portugal like the back of his hand and will undoubtedly find the best spot for you to surf.

Your climbing and surfing holiday with our team

It is our goal that at the end of your holiday you will not only have had an unforgettable time. We also want you to be enthusiastic about climbing and surfing. This means that after your time with us you will have the necessary knowledge, skills and self-confidence to surf or climb without us in the future. We believe that it is never too late to dare something and learn something new. At SaltyWay you learn actively in a small group of like-minded people in a relaxed atmosphere. You live in a beautiful house with garden – only three minutes away from the beach. If you have children, just bring them with you! Spend an unforgettable time together as a family. Families live separately – for extra privacy.

Climbing Courses

Look forward to climbing in Portugal in beautiful nature. Advanced climbers will have as much fun as beginners. While beginners are taught the basics of climbing, advanced climbers learn to climb the lead, crack climbing, sport climbing or climbing with multiple rope lengths, depending on their preferences and level. This is done either together with the others in the course or with your own guide.

Surf Courses

Surfing in Portugal means sun, waves and gorgeous nature. There are also different surf courses: You can register for a course as an absolute beginner or book a step-up course as an advanced beginner. For advanced surfers we offer a Surfari. Soul surfers can conquer the line-up on their own. Our team is looking forward to all levels.

Tips for your holiday in Portugal

Climbing and surfing in Portugal is fun, but not everything: after the courses you can relax in our garden, visit the next market or go for a walk on the cliffs. If your muscles are aching, our yoga classes are sure to do you good. Of course, Portugal is a tourist attraction in itself. How about a trip to Sintra or Lisbon, where you can explore Portugal’s rich culture and fascinating history.

Our team is looking forward to spending your surfing or climbing holiday with you.