SaltyWay Unipessoal Lda

Rua Alfredo Keil 42

2705-123 Colares, Portugal

Email: info(at)saltywaytravel.com

Phone: 00351  927 721 285

Monday – Friday / 9am – 8pm

Julika Nölte

    Once you arrive at the Lisbon Airport, there are two ways to reach us:

    1. If you want to go via central Lisbon, you can take the  Metro for about 1.50€ to “Restauradores”. Here is the Rossio train station, where you have to take the train to “Sintra”. They usually go every 20 minutes on weekdays or 30 minutes on weekends. The train ride from Rossio to Sintra is about 45 minutes and Sintra is the last stop on the line. You can check the timetables here. Keep in mind that the Metro runs from 6.30am to 1am. If you bring your own surfboard, we would also recommend taking the Aerobus since carrying it through the Lisbon Metro is quite stressful.

    2. The faster way directly to SaltyWay is going via the “Oriente” train station. Take the red metro line for about 1.50€ straight to “Oriente” and catch a train to Sintra at the overground train station there. The trains also usually go every 20 minutes and Sintra is the last stop on the line as well, the train ride is about 45 minutes. You can also check the timetables here.

    As soon as you know which train you will take, drop us a message to the SaltyWay Camp phone (+351 919910106) so we know when to pick you up. At the station “Portale de Sintra” (one station before the station “Sintra”) get off the train and cross to the other side. We will wait for you in a withe or blue van behind the busses.