Surfing Portugal – Surfing and Surf Courses with SaltyWay

If you want to surf in Portugal, you have made the right decision. Because in Portugal the temperatures are warm and the waves are great. In the SaltyWay surf camp area, mass tourism is still far away and you can enjoy untouched nature and real insider tips. You can come to us as an experienced surfer, but we are also happy to welcome beginners who want to learn surfing in Portugal. We have the right surf spot for every surf level.

Portugal Surfen mit SaltyWay
Portugal Surfen mit SaltyWay

Surf course Portugal

You are a beginner and want to learn to surf in Portugal? No problem! Our experienced, highly qualified and motivated surf instructors will show you from Monday to Friday the best surf spots where you will find the ideal weather and surf conditions. Of course you can use our high quality equipment.

The surf lessons are adapted to the individual level of each guest and enable you to learn playfully without pressure. We teach you how to catch your first wave and stand up. As an intermediated surfer we teach you how to catch your first green wave or how to do the duck dive. If you are already advanced we are happy to guide you to perfect your move. After all, your surfing holiday should be fun. In addition to practical experience, we also provide you with the necessary theoretical knowledge for risk-free surfing by means of surf theory. This includes wave theory, safety rules on the beach, currents and rips, observing and assessing the waves, surf weather forecasts and the design of surfboards. We at SaltyWay believe that this “knowledge gives you security and safety guarantees fun“.

Surfing for children and families

We also offer surf lessons for children from 6 years and for families. In general, the average age is 30 years. During the surf lessons we also offer childcare.

Surfing in Portugal – this is your week’s surfing holiday

We promise you one surf session per day during the week with our surf instructors. Often we make a second surf session possible, if the conditions on site allow it and/or the whole group agrees. In the free time or at the weekend you can use the wetsuit and the surfboard to practice on your own.

We also offer a video analysis of the surf sessions at least once a week. This is by far one of the most effective ways to improve your surfing.

We surf in small groups of maximum 6 participants. So everyone can learn efficiently, the atmosphere stays private and we don’t attack the surf spots with too many people.

Portugal Surfen mit SaltyWay

Surf Yoga included

Two 90-minute yoga lessons per week round off your surf course perfectly. Yoga not only helps you to improve your balance. Yoga also offers a welcome relief for sore muscles from surfing and the opportunity to concentrate again and find your way back on the water after a day full of adrenaline.

Your surf holiday in Portugal – fun is at the top of the list

Your time here at SaltyWay is your vacation. That’s why we want you to have fun with us. So don’t worry if you are a complete beginner or have only surfed small waves so far. We find the right thing for everyone. We always choose the conditions that are best for your individual level and with which you feel comfortable. You can be sure that we won’t just throw you in the deep end!

Included in the surf course:

  • Surfboard, Leash & Wax
  • 5/3mm wetsuit from Prolimit
  • Surf Photos / Video Analysis
  • Shuttle to the surf spots
  • Tuition fee for all courses (in the water and on land)
  • Yoga Classes

Your surf holiday packets at SaltyWay

You can book different kind of surf weeks with us. Our lodge has 6er dorms, 2er dorms or  privat double rooms for you to choice from. If you like to stay in a chalet near by please ask us for more information. Every surf packet has 2 yoga sessions included. You can also mix climbing with surfing in your time with us.

Portugal Surfen mit SaltyWay

Surfcamp – learning to surf for beginners

The Surfcamp is made for beginners and for all who want to refresh their knowledge. At the surfcamp you learn everything about surfing, waves, equipment and the sea. We take you to the best beaches so you can ride your first whitewater waves – and possibly even small waves at the end of the week. We will provide you with a warm and high quality wetsuit and a suitable surfboard for the week. With this material you can also jump into the waves during “free surfing”. So when there is no surf course. This is included in the surf course:

  • Shuttle to the best surf spots of the day (together with the surf course)
  • Surfboard, wetsuit
  • surf theory
  • video analysis
  • Two yoga classes per week


The SURFari is especially suitable for surfers who want to surf some of the incredibly beautiful waves here in Portugal on their own and want to try out what they learned in the last surf course. You can share your experiences with like-minded people at our surf camp. The SURFari package is included:

  • Shuttle to the best surf spots of the day (together with the surf course)
  • Surfboard, wetsuit
  • Tips for peak selection at the surf spot
  • Two yoga classes per week
  • We have suitable surfboards for your further development and to try out.
Portugal Surfen mit SaltyWay

Step-Up Surf Package for intermediate and advanced surfers

This package offers you the best of the classic surf course and the SURFari. It is suitable for all those who already have some surfing experience but would like to take advantage of the expert advice of our surf instructors when it comes to surfing. That’s included:

  • Shuttle to the best surf spots (together with the surf course)
  • Surfboard, wetsuit
  • video analysis
  • Two yoga classes a week. 

In addition, the participants of the StepUp SurfPackage benefit from two half days of training for advanced surfers, including the trip to the beach on these two days and the theory that builds on it.

Surf & Climb Package

Surfing in Portugal or do you prefer climbing? Why not both?! If you can’t decide, the Surf & Climb package is for you. SaltyWay has exactly the right offer for you: three half days surfing and two half days climbing. Enjoy the similarity of the two sports, using your whole body and experiencing the best of both worlds: the sea and the mountains. With this offer you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in nature and in both sports. Included in this package:

  • Shuttle to the surf spots and to the climbing spots.
  • All equipment for surfing and climbing
  • Two yoga classes a week
Portugal Surfen und Klettern mit SaltyWay

Bouldering – Surfing – Climbing in Portugal

You want it all? We have the perfect week for you with bouldering, surfing and sports climbing. You go two times to the forest to boulder, two times to the ocean to surfe and get one session sports climbing on the ocean cliffs. In the SaltyWay House you can enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and meet like-minded people. We are looking forward to having a barbecue together in the garden, a glass of wine in the sunset or a yoga lesson together with you.

Surfing with children and families

We know that active parents sometimes need a few extra hands to enjoy their passion for surfing. This is exactly what we offer here at SaltyWay. Children from the age of six can either take part in the surf courses themselves or be supervised by a SaltyWay instructor during their time in the water.

Portugal Surfen  für Kinder mit SaltyWay

A typical week at SaltyWay Surfcamp

A surf holiday at SaltyWay Surfcamp means one week of surfing fun – from Monday to Friday. Each course day is divided into half a day surfing and theory and half a day free. Two days a week there is also a 90 minute yoga session.

Our goal is to take you to the surf spot where the best surf conditions are for you. Therefore we make the daily routine a bit flexible and adapt it to the waves, the weather and the tides. So the half day, consisting of surf practice and surf theory, can take place either in the morning or in the afternoon.

We could list a long list of entertaining and fascinating things to do in the area. But experience shows that every group is different. Therefore we leave the selection to you directly on site.
So far, these activities have been the most popular:

  • Sightseeing in Sintra, Lisbon and Cascais
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Wine tasting
  • Beer and barbecue in the sunset
  • Restaurant visit with FadoMusicc
  • Massage
  • Half a day of climbing

Of course you can also just lounge around and read a book. No matter what you choose, there is no pressure to get involved. It’s your surfing or climbing holiday.

Our Surfboards

We have for our guests a wide range of the best surfboards for every level of training – whether beginner, first surf experience or advanced. We offer softboards, hardboards and surfboards made of polyester resin, epoxy resin and environmentally friendly balsa wood. So that we can adapt to every level of training, weight and mood. Normally beginners start with a 8′ to 9′ Soft Board while our advanced customers have the choice from 6’0 Shortboard to 7’2 Malibu Board to 9’0 Wood-Longboard from Kun_tiqi Surfboards.

We provide 5/3mm Prolimet wetsuits in a range of sizes for men, women and children.

In Portugal Surfen mit den besten Surfboards für jedes Level
Yoga Carolina Masha

Yoga on your surf holiday

In addition to the surf course, we offer you two 90-minute yoga sessions per week. Yoga offers you a welcome relief from the aching muscles of climbing and the opportunity to concentrate and find your way back after an adrenaline-filled day. The yoga is special designed for climbers and surfers and has the goal to regenerate and mobilise. Carolina, your yoga teacher at SaltyWay is an experienced teacher. She is educated in the performance art and loves to share here knowledge and passion for the Yoga lifestyle.

Surf Spots Portugal – Sintra

Surfing in Portugal is every surfer’s dream. Because there are countless world-class surf spots here. From surf spots for beginners to surf spots for professionals, Portugal has it all. The surroundings of the SaltyWay surf camp are blessed with numerous top surf spots.

In the area around Sintra there are a lot of beaches and breaks, which are ideal for surfers of all levels. From ingenious beach breaks to endless point breaks to challenging reef breaks, you will find a wide selection of different waves. Here are our favourite surf spots:

Praia Grande & Praia Pequena, Sintra

Or “big beach” and “small beach”, in translation. If you come to Portugal to surf, you should definitely have surfed here. These two surf spots are absolute swell magnets and are some of the most consistent beach breaks in Portugal. Fortunately for us, our SurfHouse is located directly in the hills, above these two impressive beaches.


Praia Grande

The Praia Grande is a surf spot whose sandy beach stretches over more than one kilometre. The beach is at its best in summer and produces fun lefts and rights on various sandbanks along the beaches. It is the ideal spot for beginners and advanced surfers to learn and enjoy surfing. Praia Grande also has many great cafes and restaurants to relax in. Ideal to relax with a cup of coffee, eat a sandwich and watch the action in the water.


Praia Pequena

The Praia Pequena is right next to it and yet very different. This surf spot offers softer waves. The beach is located in a small bay with limited access. That’s why you rarely meet more than a handful of people here. This beach is known for its playful but pushing waves that roll over perfect A-Frame sandbanks. This surf spot is ideal when the front of Praia Grande is too crowded.

Praia das Maçãs

This beach is called the “Apple Beach” because every autumn it is littered with apples washed up from the Colares river. The apples fall from the orchards directly into the river and end their journey on the water at this beach. The surf spot is a constant beach break with sandy ground.

It is not far from SaltWay Moradia and is known for its crystal clear waters. At this Suf Spot the waves break at different sandbanks depending on the tides. Sometimes, when everything comes together, a PointBreak-like wave forms along the stones. There can be long, ingenious rides across the bay. At Praia das Maças there are a lot of good bars and restaurants that offer delicious dishes at reasonable prices and a great view to the sea. Surfing in Portugal at its best.


Guincho, is a breathtaking 800 meter long beach right at the foot of the mountains of Sintra, surrounded by sand dunes and the turquoise blue of the Atlantic Ocean. It’s pure pleasure to just be there on the beach. To be able to surf here is the dream!

Fortunately for you, Guincho is one of the most consistent surf spots in the area. So the chances are not bad that you can enjoy this wonderful beach and ride some great waves. The waves break mainly to the left at the southern end of the beach. In the middle of the bay you’ll find bowly rights and lefts. The north end has relaxed right breaking waves ready for you.


This surf spot is the city beach of Lisbon and is considered the birthplace of surfing in Portugal. It is also famous for its well-preserved 16th century military fortress. It is solemnly enthroned at the southern end of the beach. This one kilometre long sandy beach offers excellent breaking, powerful and barrel’s throwing waves – independent of ebb and flow.

Carcavelos is a good option when the wind comes from the north and the waves on the west coast are too big. If the conditions are right, this beach will definitely be fun. No matter what your surfing level.

Excursions to other surf spots in Portugal

Surfing in Portugal means you’re spoilt for choice. Because Portugal offers countless first-class surf spots. Since we always want to take you to the best waves, we sometimes go further north or south in search of the best surfing conditions. If the waves on our doorstep weren’t ideal, we sometimes went as far as Costa de Caparica (Lisbon), Ericeira, Peniche and even Nazaré…

We look for the best surf spot for our guests, so that surfing in Portugal always remains in positive memory.

Climate & Weather Portugal

Portugal is known for its sunny and mild weather. The weather and water temperatures in the area are perfect in spring and summer, but also great in autumn. From March to November you can expect reliable dry, sunny weather and temperatures between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius. In the summer months the temperatures rise to 25 to 35 degrees Celsius. The water temperature is between 14 and 22 degrees.

Therefore we usually equip our guests with a 5/3 millimeter Prolimit wetsuit, but we also have some thinner suits available. If you would like to bring your own suit, we recommend packing a long sleeve 5/3mm for the early morning hours or in spring and autumn. In summer a 3/2mm Neo or even a Shorty is often enough.

Preparation tips – Surf Fitness

In our experience it is easier for guests who are preparing physically and mentally for their surf holiday to make progress in surfing. Therefore, if you want to maximize your time in the water, we recommend that you make appropriate preparations.

A combination of cardio, strength and flexibility training two to three times a week is suitable for the right surf fitness. The best thing to do is to put together a realistic surf fitness program that you enjoy. A combination of the following sports, for example, is great:

  • Swimming (crawling)
  • Running
  • Fitness studio
  • Cycling
  • Yoga or Pilates
  • Slackline
  • Skating, snowboarding, wind or kitesurfing

If you don’t manage to prepare with some fitness training, don’t worry. You will have a great week with or without training and learn a lot. Your surfing holiday in Portugal will definitely be great and full of wonderful memories.

Recommended Packing List Surf Holidays

During your surfing holiday you should be able to surf in Portugal as carefree as possible. Therefore we take care of the complete surf equipment. You don’t have to bring a surfboard or wetsuit. Here is our ultimate packing list for your surf holiday in Portugal so that you pack your suitcases properly. From experience we recommend to pack the following things:

  • Sun cream and sun blocker
  • Swimsuit (simple design to avoid accidents and skin rashes, no knots or pearls)
  • Beach towel
  • Beach bag
  • Several replacement contact lenses, if you wear glasses or contact lenses
  • Warm sweater and cap, jacket if necessary (even if it is warm during the day, it can get cold in the evening)
  • USB stick (for photos & videos)
  • Your own surf equipment – if you have and like it

We are looking forward to welcoming you soon in our SaltyWay Climbing & Surfing Camp. You will see, surfing in Portugal is incomparable and unforgettable!