SaltyWay Covid 2022

SaltyWay Covid 2022

We move your trip if you find the boarders closed because of COVID-19?

Tourists are allowed to come to Portugal. And we really hope and think it will stay like that. But with this virus nobody knows, so we move your trip one time without any costs, if you find Portugals boarders closed for you on your arrival day. We can change your trip with out costs, when you are legally not allowed to travel to Portugal or if you have to make a quarantine of 5 days or more when you travel back to your country. The official rules of your arrival day are deciding. This doesn’t apply if you can’t travel because you are tested positive. We hope for you understanding that we are not able to pay refunds because of Covid.

Take your time to pick a new travel date when you are ready to plan again. Your new travel dates have to be within now and maximal the 31.12.2024. Please note that SaltyWay has to be open as well as there has to be a spot available in the house and surf or climb courses.

We are obliged to control on your arrival at SaltyWay, if you are fully vaccinated, recovered or tested. Please let us know when you book if you are vaccinated, recovered or will be tested. You can make a test if needed at the airport of Lisbon. For more information about Covid-19 and Portugal look here: visitportugal

We hope this will make it easier for you to organize your next trip. We share your anticipation for the joy of waiting for a wave or the touch of the rocks again.

Do you also have the travel fever after this long years at home? We wait for you in Portugal!