This is going to be more than just a week of top roping, this is a comprehensive yet exhilarating 5-day adult (20-50 years) course. Our goal is that you become a self-sufficient climber. Each day, our highly qualified, experienced and contagiously enthusiastic guide will provide you with top of the range equipment and take you to the best climbing and boulder spots in the area, in the mountains or by the sea. Depending on the weather and local temperatures we will always try to climb or boulder at the most suitable times and places.


Our guides know this area like the back of their hands, they literally know every stone and crack in Sintra and Cascais, and will share with you the accompanying history and insight into local flora and fauna. Kids are also welcome to join the climbing sessions or can be entertained at home or at the beach with one of our helpers. Each climbing session is taught in a fun, no pressure manner and goes hand in hand with daily theory lessons that cover climbing safety, spotting for bouldering, communication & belaying, climbing & rope technique, climbing vocabulary, equipment design and leading.


At SaltyWay we believe knowledge gives you security and security allows you to have fun!” So whatever your level we will provide the practical and theoretical know how in order to take you to the next level. We climb in small groups of 4 so as to keep the teaching personal, the vibe intimate and not overcrowd the climbing spots. If you are eager for more and wish to climb during your free time, then we drive with the group to a bouldering sectors near by. Because of safety reason we don’t rent ropes or climbing equipment other than a crash path.


We also offer two yoga sessions a week to compliment your climbing. The yoga will not only improve your balance but it will offer a welcomed relief to sore muscles and a chance to refocus and settle your mind after the adrenaline of each day. It’s all about having fun at Saltyway. Don’t worry if you’re a complete beginner there’s something for you. We will always choose spots to suit your level and comfort zone, we’ve got your back whatever your ability, and that’s a promise!


The 5 half day climbing course also includes:

  • Top of the range climbing equipment and shoes
  • Climbing photos and video analyses
  • Transportation to and from the best climbing spots
  • Expert instructors giving game changing tips and advice
  • Progression from top roping to leading your own route
  • Climbing and Bouldering
  • Magnesium
  • Yoga sessions


The Climbing Camp is suited for climbing beginners or advanced climbers who want to improve their skills. We offer sports climbing, multi-pitch and bouldering depending on the group, availability and weather conditions in 5 half days of guided climbing. As a beginner you will learn the basics of climbing in an easy and fun way in the amazing nature of Sintra.


If you can’t decide whether you wish to surf or climb, then do both! SaltyWay offers the perfect package, with 3 half days surfing and 2 half days climbing. Enjoy the similarities of using your whole body while experiencing the best of both worlds, the ocean and the Serra. This package provides you with a complete immersion in nature and sport.


If you wish to stay with likeminded people in the chilled out Saltyway house and go off climbing by yourself or with a friend in the woods and beaches of Sintra, then this is the package for you. We are happy to help you find a rental car and point you in the direction of the most suitable sectors. We can also provide you with a bouldering mat, but ask you to bring all other climbing equipment. Your only obligation is that you’re always back for the garden BBQ, sunset wine and Yoga sessions.


We know that active parents sometimes just need an extra pair of hands so they can enjoy their passion, climbing or surfing. So at Saltyway, that’s exactly what we offer. Children can join in the fun (6 years +) or stay with one of the SaltyWay helpers during the lessons.


A SaltyWay climbing holiday is a 5-day course from Monday to Friday. Each day is divided into half a day of climbing and climbing theory, and half a day of free time. Yoga sessions will also take place on two of these days.

Since we are committed to taking you climbing in the most suitable conditions, the day’s schedule is flexible and may change accordingly. For example, the half-day of climbing and theory may take place either in the morning or afternoon.

We can suggest an endless list of fun and fascinating things to do in the area, but since each group is different we let you decide what you would most like to do.

In the past the following activities have been particularly popular:

  • Sightseeing Sintra, Lisbon or Cascais
  • Beach volleyball
  • Wine tasting
  • Sunset beers and BBQ
  • Restaurant with Fado music
  • Massage

By the same token, you may wish to just chill out on your own with a book, either way, there is no pressure and the decision is all yours.


The area of Sintra is a very special and unique place to climb. You can find a variety of climbing disciplines (Sport, Trad, Bouldering, & crack climbing), grades and rock types (granite, limestone & basalt) set in the beautiful forested mountains or by the turquoise blue sea of Portugal. Whatever your level or experience there is certainly something for everyone. We have a good climbing Guide book for you in the camp.


Dramatically situated below the walls of this ancient mountain top castle, Castelo dos Mouros offers incredible views of the Sintra hills and the surrounding palaces. It is a granite slab climbing spot with more than 50 routes ranging from grades 4a (easy) to 8b (difficult). The approach to the crag is a short 10-minute walk through the mystical woods of Sintra.


This small semi-secret sector is hidden deep within the Sintra forest, and the adventurous walk through the trees is well worth the effort. Its isolation means it’s often empty so you can maximise your time on the rock while enjoying the tranquillity of the forest. Due to its short routes and low grades, it’s the perfect location for learning to lead your own routes. There are no more than 10 routes ranging from 4a (easy) to 5b (intermediate).


The enchanting Peninha forest and its majestic moss covered granite boulders look like something out of The Lord of the Rings, and like the movie, they have a truly magical feel about them. With so many boulders and grades ranging from 4a (easy) to 8a (difficult), there is something for everyone. It is not only a joy to climb but also a great spot to do some slack lining and relax with a picnic. A top tip if you are there around sundown, head to the nearby Peninha convent to take in a mind blowing panoramic sunset. Here you find more informations: Boulder Guide for Sintra


For our more experienced clients or eager novices keen to push their limits, we are lucky enough to have a unique basalt crack climbing spot just 20 minutes from the house. The location is truly awe-inspiring with a prehistoric feeling about the place; you can imagine dinosaurs roaming here millions of years ago. There are around 30 trad climbing routes ranging from grades 5b (intermediate) to 7b (difficult). It’s a great place to experiment with or improve your crack climbing. What’s more, the crag looks out over the Atlantic Ocean and setting sun if you are there until sun down.


About a 20 minute drive from the house is Guia the birthplace of sports climbing in Portugal. Guia is 150 metres of vertical / overhanging limestone cliffs offering 50 or more routes ranging from grades 3c (easy) to 7c (difficult). You climb just metres from the glistening blue sea of Cascais bay. It’s almost impossible to resist a dip in the sea at the end of the day. Not far from the sector is the seaside town of Cascais that offers great restaurants, bars, shopping, artisan street markets and cultural exhibitions.


The weather is perfect in spring, summer and still awesome in autumn and winter. From March to November you can expect reliably dry, sunny weather with temperatures around 20 – 25°C, rising to 25-35°C during the summer months. Even in winter, it rarely drops below 15°C. If on the other hand it gets too hot in the summer, we can always find a shady spot for climbing and a cool splash in the ocean after the session.


If you wish to maximise your time on the rock, we recommend you take a few weeks before the trip to get in shape. In our experience, those clients that come along physically and mentally prepared tend to progress more quickly. We’re not suggesting Ironman fitness but setting yourself a realistic and fun training schedule that focuses on strength and flexibility. This could be a combination of:

  • Getting down your local climbing gym / bouldering hall
  • Gym work
  • Swimming
  • Cycling
  • Yoga or Pilates
  • Skaten, Snowboarden, Wind- oder Kitesurfen

If you are not as physically fit as you’d like, please don’t worry. You will still have a great week and learn a lot.


We will take care of all the climbing equipment, but recommend you also bring along the following items:

  • Hiking shoes for the approach to the climbing spot
  • Cap or sun hat
  • Suncream and Sun bloc
  • Comfortable trousers to climb in
  • A small day-pack for water, lunch, camera etc.
  • USB stick (for photos & video)
  • Beanie & warm jumper
  • Beachtowel
  • Your own equipment if you have it
  • Yoga clothes