The name SaltyWay (SW)

Everybody fulfilling the mentioned conditions can participate. Upon receipt of your completed booking form (by post, fax or email) and reconfirmation through SW, a contractual obligation is established between you and SW. For participants under 18 years of age the approval and signature of the legal representative is required.


On establishing the contract a prepayment of 50% of the travel price due immediately and is to be paid by bank transfer or by PayPal where SW will apply a extra fee. For any booking made within 4 weeks of the arrival date full payment is due immediately after confirmation of the booking. The remainder of the travel price needs to be paid in full, 4 weeks prior to departure to the bank account of SaltyWay – Julika Nölte witch is written on the invoice sent to you after the booking

Cancellation by the participant

The cancellation, rebooking or amendment of a booked trip has to be made in writing. The participant has to pay a specific cancellation fee. Cancellation fees are based upon the travel price.

The following cancellation fees apply:

  • Up to 60 days prior to the course 40€
  • From 59 to 30 days prior to the course 50% of the travel price
  • From 29th day prior to the course 100% of the travel price

Thereby, the time of receipt of the cancellation letter is decisive for the calculation fee. Before the commencement of travel, the participant can also provide a replacement that meets the requirements of the organizer, a fee of 25,00 Euro will be due.

If you are organising a group of individuals and booking on their behalf you, as group organiser accept, on behalf of each individual, the duty to provide payment.

Cancellation by SaltyWay

In the case that the course cannot take place due to “force majeure” (like epidemics, thunderstorms, catastrophes, wars, strikes etc) or in the case of unacceptable conditions or danger to the client prior to arrival, the organizer has the right to cancel the travel contract with immediate effect. Payments that have already been settled by then will not be refunded. Participants are not entitled to any further claim in regard to compensation.


On the basis of the duty to take care, the organizer is liable for a precise preparation of the course, a careful choice of services and the correctness of the specified services. The organizer is not responsible for any misfortunes, any obstructions of traffic, delays or possible consequential costs that might occur for the participant. Participation in services provided by SW is at the participant’s risk. If other companies are instructed with carrying out additional services, then these companies take over liability for claims in connection with these services. Property belonging to the participant is at all times the responsibility of the participant. SW is not liable for the loss or damage of property belonging to the participant. All equipment is to be handled properly. Participants are liable damage/loss due to negligence. The liability of the organizer for contractual claims of the participant/client for any non-physical damages is limited to the triple of the travel price. This regulation applies for the case that the damage on the participant has been inflicted neither intentionally nor grossly negligent. During the term of the course the participants are accompanied by SW personnel.

Instructions by the team need to be obeyed. If any participant threatens the realization of the course by constantly making trouble or even being a danger to themselves or others, the organizer has the right to cancel the travel contract (in the case of under aged participants without authorization from parents or legal guardians) and exclude the participant from the course. The participation fee will not be refunded.


By signing the contract, the legal representative or another authorized person (of the under aged client) gives permission (to the client) to take part in sport activities. Any participation in sport classes is at the client’s own risk. Participants must possess a strong ability to swim and appropriate athletic ability. The participant declares expressly that there are no existing medical conditions that would adversely impact the undertaking of surfing or any other (athletic) activities in which he/she participates. SW would like to draw your attention to the elevated level of risk entailed in surfing (accidents may lead to injuries, disabilities or even death). Since SW does not exert any control over your mastery of these sports, SW does not assume any liability. Participants bear the full responsibility for accidents, loss inflicted on themselves or third parties or fatal accidents.



Participants are responsible for all associated insurance coverage. Personal accident insurance is contained in the price if participating on the surf and climbing courses. It is recommended that participants carry insurances that covers accidents and health issues incurred abroad (international insurance coverage) and travel cancellation expenses and luggage insurance.


Specific information

We advise our clients to always carry a valid ID and a valid vaccination card when travelling through Europe. When travelling to non-European countries, travellers need to take a valid passport in place of the ID. In the case of not carrying those documents, the relevant country can deny entry.


On “change over days” when the arrival of the new guests and the departure of the leaving guests merge, the necessary cleaning and the proper preparation of rooms might lead to delays of availability.


Changes of programme

In the interest of SW and our clients, we reserve the right to change the itinerary or specific services agreed upon if unforeseen events render it necessary.


Use of pictures, use of data, data privacy

The client agrees to be photographed throughout the journey at various activities and sport events. Furthermore, the images can be used for commercial purposes for SW. This consent can be cancelled any time in written form. 
The client also agrees to the commercial use (e.g. market research, marketing) of his/her personal data (stock data). With regard to the registered data of the clients, SW as the organizer always acts in compliance with the regulations of data privacy and media law. 
Particularly, personal data is kept in confidence. Again, this consent can be cancelled at any time in written form. If so, the use of the client’s data (as described in this paragraph) will not take place.


Invalidity of particular regulations

The invalidity of particular regulations of the travel contract or of the terms and conditions do not imply the invalidity of the entire travel contract.


Place of jurisdiction

Place of jurisdiction for SW is Lisbon, Portugal