Portugal Surfen mit SaltyWay
Portugal Surfen mit SaltyWay


From Monday to Friday, our highly qualified, experienced and motivating surf instructor will take you to the surf spots, in the best conditions and with top of the range equipment. Each surf session is taught in a fun, no pressure manner and is adapted to the personal needs of each and every guest. The surf session also goes hand in hand with daily theory lessons that cover wave anatomy, beach safety (currents and rips), reading the waves, forecasting and board design. At SaltyWay we believe “knowledge gives you security and security allows you to have fun!”


We guarantee one surf a day with the instructor but often squeeze a second free surf session in if conditions allow and/or if the group agrees. You may also take your board and wetsuit during the free time or on the weekends for a solo session. What’s more, at least once a week we offer video analysis sessions, which is by far the most effective way of improving your surfing. We surf in small groups of 6 so as to keep the teaching personal, the vibe intimate and not overcrowd the surf spots. We also offer surf classes for kids but generally our groups are formed of people around 30 years old.


Finally we have two 1hr30 yoga sessions a week to complement your surfing. The yoga will not only improve your balance and offer a welcomed relief to sore muscles from all the surfing but a chance to refocus and settle your mind after the adrenaline of the day. Your time at SaltyWay it’s your holiday so, it’s all about having fun. Don’t worry if you’re used to waves of a smaller size or you’re a complete beginner there’s something for you. We will always choose conditions to suit your level and comfort zone, we never throw people in at the deep end.


The surf course also includes:

  • Surfboard, leash & wax
  • Prolimit 5/3 mm wetsuit
  • Surf photos / Video analysis
  • Surfspot shuttle
  • Expert tuition both in and out the water.
  • Yoga sessions
Portugal Surfen mit SaltyWay


The Surfcamp is made for surf beginners or anyone who wants to refresh their skills. You learn all about surfing, the waves, the material and the ocean in 5 half-day surf classes.  We take you to the best beaches so you can surf your first waves in the white-foam and if possible by the end of the week some small waves. We give you a good warm wetsuit and a suitable surfboard for the week, which you can also use in the free surf session.


The SURFari is geared toward more advanced surfers who wish to enjoy there time and moves in the Ocean but would like to hang with likeminded people in the SaltyWay house. The SURFari includes use of a board and wetsuit, a ride to the best beaches of the day and help in finding the best peak to surf. Plus, you can take advantage of our twice-weekly yoga sessions.

Portugal Surfen mit SaltyWay

STEP-UP Surf Package

This package offers the best of both the ‘Surf Course’ and the ‘SURFari’ package.  It caters for those with some existing surf experience but who wish to take advantage of the expert advice from our instructors, video analysis, hitch a ride to the best surf spots, yoga lessons and develop their theoretical knowledge of surfing. Clients enrolled on the ‘Step-Up surf package’ benefit from 2 days of advanced surf instruction and a lift to the beach on those days.


If you can’t decide whether you wish to surf or climb, then do both! SaltyWay offers the perfect package, with 3 half days surfing and 2 half days climbing. Enjoy the similarities of using your whole body while experiencing the best of both worlds, the ocean and the Serra. This package provides you with a complete immersion in nature and sport.

Portugal Surfen und Klettern mit SaltyWay
Portugal Surfen mit SaltyWay


This deal is more for experienced surfers or seasoned pros who wish to bust their own moves in the glassy splendour of the Atlantic .If you wish to seek your own waves, are coming in a big group and/or just want the flexibility of having a hire car, we are happy to help you book a rental car and point you in the direction of the best waves. We can also provide a map and directions for getting from the airport to the SaltyWay’s surf house. Your only obligation is that you’re back for the garden BBQ, sunset wine or Yoga sessions. 😉


We know that active parents sometimes just need an extra pair of hands so they can enjoy their passion, climbing or surfing. So at Saltyway, that’s exactly what we offer. Children can join in the fun (6 years +) or stay with one of the SaltyWay helpers during the lessons.

Portugal Surfen  für Kinder mit SaltyWay
Portugal Surfen mit SaltyWay


A SaltyWay surf holiday is a 5-day course from Monday to Friday. Each day is neatly divided into half a day of surfing and surf theory, and half a day of free time. Surf Yoga sessions will also take place on two of these days.


Since we are committed to taking you surfing in the best conditions the day’s schedule is flexible and will change accordingly. For example, the half-day of surfing and theory may take place in the morning or afternoon depending on the tides and the winds.

We can suggest an endless list of fun and fascinating things to do in the area, but since each group is different we let you decide what you would most like to do.

In the past the following activities have been particularly popular:

  • Sightseeing Sintra, Lisbon or Cascais
  • Beach volleyball
  • Wine tasting
  • Sunset beers and BBQ
  • Restaurant with Fado music
  • Massage
  • Half a day of climbing


By the same token, you may wish to just chill out on your own with a book, either way, there is no pressure and the decision is all yours.


We have a wide selection of the best beginner, progressive and intermediate surfboards in our board rack. We provide Soft boards and hard boards depending of your ability and weight. Normally beginners start with a 8-9ft Soft board while our more advanced clients have the choice from a 6’0 short board over fun-shaped 7’2 to 7’10 Epoxy Boards to wooden 9’0 Longboard. We are happy to provide a variety of eco-friendly balsa wood surfboards from Kun_tiqi.

We provide 5/3mm Prolimet wetsuits in a range of sizes for men, women and children.


This corner of Portugal is littered with a variety of breaks suitable for riders of all abilities. From super fun beachies to endless point breaks and rippable reef breaks, you can find every type of wave here.


Or ‘big beach’ and ‘little beach’ as they translate in English, are swell magnets and some of Portugal’s most consistent beach breaks. Fortunately for us the Surf House is set back in the hills overlooking these impressive beaches. Praia Grande is a 1km long sandy beach that produces super fun lefts and rights all along the beach, a perfect surf spot beginners in the summer. Praia Grande boasts a number of great cafes and restaurants to kick back and relax in with a coffee whilst watching the action unfold in the water.

In contrast, Praia Pequena has a completely different set up and mellower vibe. It is a small cove with restricted access and a crowd that rarely exceeds ten guys. This beach is known for it’s playful wedgy right and left hand peaks. It’s a great place to escape to when Praia Grande is busy.


Named the ‘Apple beach’ because every autumn the beach gets covered in apples that have fallen from the nearby orchards and bobbed their way down the Colares River. This is a consistent sand-bottomed beachie just a short distance from the SaltyWay house and famed for its crystal blue water. There are fun rights and lefts throughout the tides and on occasions a point break style wave can form off the rocks making for long rides across the bay. Praia das Maças also has a variety of good bars and restaurants boasting cheap tasty food and sea views.


Guincho, a stunning 800m beach located at the foot of the Sintra mountains and surrounded by rolling sand dunes and the turquoise blue of the Atlantic. It’s a pleasure just being there let alone surfing there. Fortunately for you it’s one of the most consistent spots in the area so there’s a good chance you will get to appreciate its beauty and ride the super fun waves. The waves predominantly break to the left at the Southern end of the beach, while in the middle of the bay produces bowly rights and lefts. On the Northern end you will find more relaxed rights.


Regarded by most as the birthplace of Portuguese surfing and famed for it’s iconic 16th century military fort that proudly sits at the Sourthern end of the beach. This 1km sandy beach produces excellent peaky, punchy and barreling waves through all tides. It is a good option when the wind is Northerly and the West coast is too big. When this place is good, it is so much fun to surf whatever your level.


Since we are committed to taking you to the best waves, we on occasions, take road trips North and South in the hunt of optimum conditions. On previous SaltyWay surf holidays when the waves on our doorstep have not been ideal, we have travelled to Costa de Caparica, Ericiera, Peniche and even Nazare!


The weather and water temps are perfect in Spring, Summer and still awesome in Autumn. From March to November you can expect reliably dry, sunny weather with temperatures around 20 – 25°C, rising to 25-35°C during the summer months. The water temperature ranges between 14-22°C, for this we provide you with a top of the range Prolimit 5/3mm wetsuit. If you have and wish to bring your own suits we suggest packing a 5/3mm full suit for early mornings and a 3/2mm shortie for the midday/afternoon surfs.


In our experience, clients that have come along physically and mentally prepared seem to progress more quickly at surfing. If you wish to maximise your time in the water, we recommend setting yourself a realistic and fun program that offers a balance of cardio, strength and flexibility workouts, 2-3 hours per week or as much you can fit in. This could be a combination of the following sports:

  • Swimming (Front crawl)
  • Running
  • Gym work
  • Cycling
  • Yoga or Pilates
  • Slackline
  • Skaten, Snowboarden, Wind- oder Kitesurfen

If you are not as physically fit as you’d like, please don’t worry. You will still have a great week and learn a lot.


We will take care of all the surfing equipment, but recommend you also bring along the following items:

  • Suncream and Sun bloc
  • Swimming shorts / costume (simple design to avoid mishaps and rashes – no knots or pearls)
  • Beach towel
  • Beach bag
  • Spare contact lenses if you wear glasses or contacts
  • Warm jumper and beanie
  • USB stick (for photos & video)
  • Your own equipment if you have it
  • Yoga clothes